5 New Images from COGAN’S TRADE Starring Brad Pitt

     February 14, 2012


Five new images from Cogan’s Trade have gone online.  Based on the novel by George V. Higgins and written and directed by Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), the film stars Brad Pitt as Jackie Cogan, a mob enforcer who must investigate the robbery of a high-stakes poker game.  The film also stars Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini (both looking like they’ve slipped back into mob-mode), Richard Jenkins, Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom), Scott McNairy (Monsters), Bella Heathcote (In Time), and Sam Shepard.  With Dominik at the helm and this spectacular cast, Cogan’s Trade is one of my must-see movies of the year.  Although no release date has been announced, I’d be surprised if The Weinstein Company didn’t set the film loose on the festival circuit this fall.  Hit the jump to check out the images.

Images via Kinopoisk.  We’ve also included a larger version of the image that was released back in May.

Here’s the synopsis for George V. Higgins’ Cogan’s Trade:

[Cogan’s Trade] tracks Jackie Cogan’s career in a gangland version of law and order. For Cogan is an enforcer; and when the Mob’s rules get broken, he gets hired to ply his trade — murder. In the gritty, tough-talking pages of Higgins’s 1974 national best-seller, Cogan is called in when a high-stake card game under the protection of the Mob is heisted. Expertly, with a ruthless businessman’s efficiency, a shrewd sense of other people’s weaknesses, and a style as cold as his stare, Cogan moves with reliable precision to restore the status quo as ill-conceived capers and double-dealing shenanigans erupt into high-voltage violence. [Amazon]

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