Watch: Colbert, Fallon, and Conan Team Up to Fire Back at Trump in Groundbreaking Cold Open

     June 27, 2018


Late night television has evolved significantly over the past few years, with folks like David Letterman and Jon Stewart departing and making way for a new guard. But it was clear pretty early on that this wasn’t simply going to be some kind of switcheroo—the dynamic of late night TV had fundamentally shifted. Gone were the days where Letterman and Jay Leno were taking shots at each other on their respective shows, and refusing to show up on each others’ series as guests. Indeed, both men even turned down requests to appear on each others’ final round of shows ever.

The new late night landscape was made crystal clear last night when, in a groundbreaking move, Late Show host Stephen Colbert and The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon aired the exact same cold open.

So what brought this duo together? Well Trump, of course. At a rally earlier this week, the President of the United States spent his valuable time taking some odd shots at the late night hosts, so in the video below we see the late night personalities coming together to brainstorm monologue ideas. To make matters even funnier, Conan O’Brien gets in on the action in a decidedly Conan-esque way.

It’s a funny bit, and a further example that the days of behind-the-scenes hatred and backstabbing are over (at least for now…). It’s truly a new era in late night TV.