Colin Firth Offered Villain Role in Spike Lee’s OLDBOY Remake?

     November 11, 2011


While no one was especially enthused with the idea of an American Oldboy remake, simply because director Park Chan-wook’s original is so fantastic, things got intriguing once Spike Lee signed on to direct. Then he cast Josh Brolin as the lead, and I have to say I was pretty onboard with this new version at that point. Now Lee may be adding even more prestige to the pic as Twitch is reporting that Academy Award-winner Colin Firth has been offered the villainous role of Adrian. For those unfamiliar, the story centers on a man who is abducted and imprisoned for 15 years, after which he’s inexplicably released and sent on a hunt to track down those responsible for his imprisonment. Chan-wook’s original is a hard-boiled revenge tale that culminates in a shocking/mind-blowing conclusion.

I’m wholeheartedly onboard with Firth as the villain, if only because a Brolin-Firth showdown sounds incredibly exciting. His casting may not be a done-deal though, as Variety’s Jeff Sneider tweeted that the deal is old news and Firth has passed. Hopefully we find out for sure soon. Rooney Mara was offered the female lead, but she subsequently (and sadly) turned it down, so Lee is also looking to fill that role.

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