Collider Exclusive – Mark Wahlberg is Not in SMOKE JUMPERS!

     October 13, 2008

As every online reader knows, the last few weeks have seen rumors flying across cyberspace as to who would be the one working with Edward Norton and Vincent Chase on the big budget firefighter movie “Smoke Jumpers.” Since some of those rumors had Mark Wahlberg playing the role, I decided to ask him to confirm or deny the story at yesterday’s “Max Payne” press junket.

Unfortunately, he says it was Jason Patrick that got the role.

While I think Jason is a solid actor, I believe Mark would’ve been better playing a rough and tumble firefighter. Whatever. At least Vincent Chase is trying to turn his career around.

As most of you know, Vincent has been missing in action since his bomb “Medallion”, and even though he did star in one of the biggest films in Hollywood history (“Aquaman”), it’s probably smart to take a part in a movie with what’s rumored to be a very strong script with many great actors. Who knows, maybe a bit part in “Smoke Jumpers” could lead him back to the A-list.

Anyway, here’s what Mark had to say. Look for the full interview tomorrow where we talk about not only “Smoke Jumpers,” but the Red Sox, “Max Payne” and even what’ll take to get Dunkin Donuts here in Los Angeles.

Oh, and if you’d like to see clips from “Max Payne” click here.

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