Collider Goes to ILM – Exclusive Video Interviews

     December 4, 2007

Written by Andre Dellamorte

You know, I’ve been to ILM twice now, and if ILM were to do a CGI photo realistic version of Bratz, and if they offered a trip to the Presido to talk about it, I’d jump on that plane as fast as I could. This was my second set of on camera interviews, and you can see the excitement in the introduction is not just bullshit, and when I talk to Aaron McBride you can see that enthusiasm just flowing out of both of us. It shows when I talk to Jon Knoll you can also see that come out. Pirates III is definitely an advancement in the world of special effects. As the director says on the DVD, there may never be a film of this scale again. We shall see. But in the meantime, please enjoy these interviews.

Dellamorte Intro

Jon Knoll

Aaron McBride Part 1

Aaron McBride Part 2

Aaron McBride Part 3

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Joakim Arnesson Part 1

Joakim Arnesson Part 2

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