Collider Goes to Stan Winston Studios! Video Proof Here!

     September 29, 2008

A few weeks ago, I was one of the lucky few that got an invite to Stan Winston Studios. The reason I was invited – along with ten or so other journalists – was to take a tour of the studios and also interview Chris Swift about his work on”Iron Man.” As most of you know, Stan Winston Studios was the company that made the armor in “Iron Man,” and with the home video release happening tomorrow, Paramount rolled out the red carpet for a number of us in the online world, as we got to talk with not only Chris, but also Jon Favreau and Stan Lee earlier in the day. While I already posted some highlights of our conversation with Jon, tomorrow I’ll have something up on Stan Lee. Sorry for the delay…it’s been a crazy few weeks.

Anyway, while I normally transcribe the interviews I do, they let me videotape a lot of stuff while on the tour and I figured you’d all want to see it. Also, Chris let me videotape his interview, so instead of just reading it, you can watch as during the interview he points to some pretty amazing stuff in the room.

And that gets me to the most important part of this intro…you NEED to watch the first video below. When we got to Stan Winston Studios, none of us knew what to expect. We didn’t know where we’d be sitting, what they’d show us, or if we’d even get to see anything cool.

We did. And it was jawdropping.

As you’ll see and hear in the first video, I started taping as soon as I walked in the front doors and I continued recording as I walked down a long corridor. After a short walk, we got to a room that will blow your mind. Rather than have me spoil it….please watch…and if you’re a fan of movies..get ready.

Now that you’ve seen the room of wonder, here’s another video to check out. This one has some of the armor from “Iron Man” and it’s kind of awesome.

And now, the interview with Chris Swift (he’s a key artist at Stan Winston). As you’ll hear him say, he worked on “Iron Man” and he explains the challenges of making the movie, some behind the scenes stories, and I even try and press him on what we can expect in regards to War Machine armor in “Iron Man 2.” If you’re a fan of “Iron Man” or just of real special effects, you’ll really enjoy this interview.

As always, a big thank you to everyone that invited me, it was a great day. Hopefully, you all enjoyed the videos… Look for more tomorrow….here’s Chris…

Chris Swift – Part 1

· What was the most challenging aspect of the armor on Iron Man

· I ask about the video the leaked from the set and what happened when it leaked

· What kind of research did they do when creating the suit

· He also talks about trying to find a stunt person that could fit in the suit

· During the interview, Chris talks a lot about the different armor used in the movie and the behind the scenes of making all of it

Chris Swift – Part 2

· Has Iron Man been the most challenging

· Chris talks about working on set with the suit and the protection of the costume from photographers and even people taking things home

· How much did the Mach 1 suit cost to build and how many man hours to build

· I ask how did the work on the first Iron Man help them for when Terrence Howard puts on the armor for War Machine

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