Collider Heroes: ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’, Daredevil Season 2 Trailer

     October 13, 2015


Welcome to Collider Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with guests Vito Lapicolla and Umberto Gonzalez. We bring you the latest news about the Cinematic World of Heroes and Villains! On this episode of Collider’s Heroes, we discuss the following:

Marvel drops Antman and The Wasp into the release slate

Marvel announced the sequel to the surprisingly entertaining Ant-Man film for July 5, 2018 for Ant-man And The Wasp, Black Panther moves up to Feb 16th 2018, while Captain Marvel moves forward to March 8th 2019.


Image via Marvel

Justice League Dark is back

Justice League Dark or Dark Universe  is back on the table, with Constantine leading a search for some dangerous mystical books that were stolen. We’ve got Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and The Demon all possibly being a part of this supernatural team.

Marvel Mystery Movies

Marvel also stakes out May 1st, July 10th, and Nov 5th 2020 for unknown marvel mystery movies. What will they be? My money is definitely on Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3, and perhaps Moon Knight, Howard the Duck, Nova, Warlock, Spirits of Vengeance or Midnight Sons film (Dr.Strange, Brother Voodoo, Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, Morbius, Ghost Rider,Blade) and then finally Avengers: Secret Wars

Inhumans: Vin Diesal is Black Bolt

Vin has dropped another hint of who he’s playing besides Groot, by saying “one role is my voice, while the other role is my presence”. Wonder who he’s talking about?

Watchmen coming to HBO?

Zack Snyder has been in talks with HBO to bring the acclaimed graphic novel The Watchmen to the cable channel. Snyder already made a 2009 feature film adaptation! Is it a reboot, or will they adapt the recent “Before Watchmen” DC comic series, with most notable Darwyn Cookes “The Minutemen” series. Will Snyder reach out to the same cast, and will he expand his original movie to adapt even more of the comic book, to fill out his movie into a larger television series?


Image via Netflix

Daredevil Season 2 Trailer

Well, here comes the second season teaser  of Daredevil, and it’s got The Punisher and Electra, with Stick coming back as well. Can the Hand be far behind?

Minor Mutations

  • The Hulk is going to be featured in Thor: Ragnorak ,to be directed by Taika Waititi
  • Bryan Singer talks about Xmen Apocalypse being the last of the six films
  • Here comes Damage Control, Marvel’s ABC branch is launching a half hour comedy
  • Jessica Jones is a hit in a special NYCC preview of episode 1
  • Hugh Jackman is leaving everything on the table for his last Wolverine
  • Batman Animated version of The Killing Joke could possibly be R rated?
  • More importantly, Hamill and Conroy are back to speak Alan Moore’s dialog!

Flashback: Fantastic Four (2005)

The first official movie adaptation of the Fantastic Four comic book series, since the unofficial unreleased Roger Corman version of the early nineties, was a box office hit with a lukewarm critical reception. It had Chris Evans as the Human Torch, before he picked up Captain America’s shield. It was goifily directed by Tim Story, with a weird mix of uneven comedy and a stupid approach to the fantastic fours powers and making Doctor Doom an electrical powered foe. It made enough money to get a sequel.


Image via 20th Century Fox

Spotlight: Deadman

Another of DC’s supernatural characters, Deadman tells the tale of Boston Brand, a circus high wire trapeze performer who is murdered and comes back for revenge. The series had haunting cinematic art by infant terrible Neal Adams, and when looking back at it now, could make a great movie or episodic procedural mixed with “the fugitive”. It had contract killers, secret assassins, Hindu mysticism, ghosts, what else do you want!

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I saw a report that HBO is talking with Zach Snyder. Can a Watchmen reboot work as a HBO series?

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Will Adam Warlock emerge from the cocoon that the Collector had in Gaurdians Vol. 1? #colliderheroes

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@JonSchnepp #ColliderHeroes What is your opinion of Batman Year 2 Fear The Reaper, first Batman g-novel i read, but seems controversial

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Will we see Thanos’ chitari army in the Infinity Wars films? @JonSchnepp #ColliderHeroes

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#colliderheroes Should DC incorporate Martian Manhunter into the DCEU?

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@JonSchnepp #ColliderHeroes, Are the Robin costumes Red/Black/Yellow to pay him homage to the Original Batman?