Collider Heroes: Planet Hulk Headed to ‘Thor: Ragnarok’?

     October 20, 2015


Welcome to Collider Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with John Campea and Robert Meyer Burnett. We bring you the latest news about the Cinematic World of Heroes and Villains! On this episode of Collider Heroes, we discuss the following:

Avengers artwork contest on

The Grand prize winner and 2 runners up get  the super rare Avengers; Age of Ultron artwork from Tyler Stout. This was never sold, only gave away to those who were involved in the movie and there were only 160 copies made. You can enter the contest here.

Planet Hulk involved in the Thor: Ragnarok

Mark Ruffulo and The Hulk will be in the third Thor movie, currently titled Thor: Ragnarok. It will take place on a new planet, not Asgard or Earth. Both Thor and The Hulk will either be teaming up or fighting each other or a little bit of both.


image via Marvel

Hellfire Club and Legion come to TV via Marvel and Fox!

Fox has got two X-Men television series moving forward, and they are somewhat offbeat picks to me. One is based on Prof. Xavier’s son David Haller called Legion, while the other focuses on the X-Mens villainous super team named Hellfire Club, last seen in the movie  X-men First Class

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer invades the planet!

So the internet broke a few times yesterday when the new Star Wars trailer dropped, forcing many of us to endure watching Football. 500 timeouts later, we all watched in the final full trailer.

Y The Last Man headed to FX

FX is developing Y the Last Man, being developed by the comic creator Brian K Vaughan. This dystopian science fiction series is about the last man on earth who can actually still procreate and make babies.


Image via Warner Bros.

Is OMAC the big bad for Batman v Superman?

Rumors are bouncing all around the web, started by a special effects artist who said Doomsday isn’t in the finished film. Whether he’s lying or its true, many are now looking for clues, and they might be in the lexcorp website. Is OMAC already fully operational?

Minor Mutations 

  • Doug Limon is in talks to direct Gambit
  • Seth Rogen want to make The Boys as a series
  • Y the Last Man is now being developed as e FX series
  • Topher Grace loves Spiderman 3, “it made a lot of money”
  • Fox says Captain America is “Un-American”
  • Batman v Superman from 1949

Flashback: Superman 3 (1983)

When I think of “superman” I never thought about Richard Pryor. I still don’t. When I think about Richard Pryor, I think about “Live on the Sunset Strip”. Anyway, the fake director of Superman 2 revealed his real inability to direct a Superman film without using most of Richard Donner’s directed material. Here comes the monstrosity called Superman 3. This film really sucks, on so many levels. It’s a challenge to watch now, almost as bad as superman-3Superman 4: The Quest for Peace, which is the big winner of all time superman suckage.

Spotlight: The Goon

Eric Powell has created written and drawn an incredible universe filled with ghouls monsters zombies and demons, all populating a crazy town, but stay away from The Goon, or you’ll be sorry. This comic is incredible, the art is amazing, the writing original funny and grittily violent. This is being developed to be an animated movie, but I’d love to see it go into live action and animation as well.

Twitter Questions

Nuno ‏@DSMZelNUN01  4h4 hours ago

Will James Howlett die in the next Wolverine movie?If so which would you prefer a Old Man Logan or Death of Wolverine movie?#ColliderHeroes

Viktor Gråbøl ‏@vhdhddd  Oct 14

Hey. Why do the filmmakers feel like they have to use old villains from the comics in movies. Why never create some new?

Hespe ‏@Hespe1985  Oct 13

@JonSchnepp With Captain Marvel pushed back a couple of months. Do you think they will introduce her in a earlier movie? #colliderheroes

Sweaty Question of the Week

Richard Gigante ‏@abearwholaughs  Oct 13

#ColliderHeroes with studios repackaging classic storylines (infinity wars, dofp, BvS) whats more likely: Kingdom Come or Secret Wars?

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