Collider Interviews the cast of ROCKET SCIENCE on the street at Sundance

     August 9, 2007

With “Rocket Science” about to hit select theaters tomorrow, I figured it might be a good idea to repost an interview I did with the cast while attending Sundance earlier this year. The way it came about was completely by chance, as I was walking to do some press for another movie and ran into them on the street.

And that’s why Sundance is great… everyone is located in a small area and it’s almost impossible not see actors and directors walking around main street. The other reason it’s great, everyone there loves movies. If you do your worshiping at your local Cineplex and haven’t been to Sundance… it’s never too late to go. My first trip was this past January and my friends and I have already started making plans for the next one.

And for those not familiar with the film, “Rocket Science” is about a kid in high school who doesn’t fit in. He stutters, has a kleptomaniac older brother, and their parents are about to separate. Nothing in his life is going well. Enter the first girl who has ever paid attention to him. She’s on the debate team and while he stutters, she thinks he would be a perfect fit as a new member of the club. Obviously the kid is interested and attempts with great difficultly to try and break his speech issues and impress the girl. Unfortunately nothing is as simple as wanting something to happen.

Later tonight I’ll also be posting a ton of new video interviews with the cast as well as some movie clips. Until then, here’s a blast of cold air from January.

Part 1

Part 2

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