Collider Interviews the ‘Lost’ Creators and Cast at Comic-Con

     July 24, 2006

After waking up too early on Saturday morning, I managed to stumble over to the roundtables for Lost at the convention center. While I really didn’t want to wake up, getting an opportunity to interview anyone involved in one of my favorite shows on television was too huge to miss.

Giving rountable interviewsSaturday morning were creators/executive producers Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cruse, Bryan Burk and from the cast, Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Daniel Dae Kim (Jin-Soo Kwon).

The problem with an interview about a show that hasn’t started filming their new season (they start August 7th) was I knew they weren’t going to tell us anything. The truth is, while I thought it would be cool to talk to Jorge and Daniel, the real person I wanted to talk with was Damon Lindelof.

The first group that sat down were Damon and his gang. Damon sat down wearing his old school Bantha Tracks Star Wars t-shirt, the same one he wore to his first meeting with J.J. Abrams that got him the job. From the roundtables we went into the main room where everyone was waiting for the cast and writers like rock stars ascending the stage. After some loud clapping and tons of flash bulbs, the concert, I mean Q and A started.

Since I had to leave to go to the 300 roundtables (look for those interviewssoon) the highlights from the roundtables and Q and A were:

  • The show was originally planned to go for around five years.

  • The season will start in October and air for six consecutive weeks. At the end of the sixth episode will be a mid-season finale. When the show starts back up in February, there will be no repeats until next summer.

  • The statue in the season two finale is at least 50 years old.

  • Someone asked about time on the island, how the first season covered around 40 days, and the second season was around 24 days. Their question was by the end of the show how much time will have gone by? Damon then started to answer, and his answer took Brian Burk back by surprise. Damon said that perhaps much more time had gone by while our castaways were stranded, and by the end of season three we would know a lot more about this. Damon was going to keep on going but Brian made him stop talking. The look Brian gave him was priceless, as he was clearly surprised that Damon was giving anything away.

  • Another question was asked,onethat perhaps holds the big answer to the mystery of Lost. A person asked about the similarities to the missing island from the Land of Oz (The Wizard of Oz books), from Henry Gale to the weather balloon. While I do not know much about this missing island, or the names or similarities to the Land of Oz, I do know how to read people and this question clearly surprised Damon and Brian. While they have become experts at evading or smiling when people ask a question, this one elicited a much more quiet response, almost some shock that it was asked. Of course this could all be a clever ruse, as they have become experts at miss information or strategically placed images….the ultimate answer to Lost won’t be known for years, but this might be the closet to an answer yet. After the question Damon did confirm that there are references to Oz, and he did say the balloon and Henry Gale did belong to that universe. At the end he said “good job” to the person who asked the question, and mentioned that the references to Oz might be very important, or not at all. Only the future would reveal the final answer.

Since I am sure you would like to hear them speak, here are two audio files to download from the roundtables. I apologize for the quality of the recordings but they had a big room with a lot of interviews going at the same time. I tried to clean it up the best I could.

To listen to the audio, either click on the link to listen right now or right click it and save it to your computer for later.

The first download is Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cruse and Bryan Burk

The second is Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim

Overall I thought the creators of the show did a great job at providing some information without ruining what is to come. While the fans of Lostwould like to know more right now, I think if you ask most people they would rather get things revealed over the course of the season than a bunch of stuff right now. Lost is one of those rare shows that only comes along every decade or so. Let’s all take a moment to enjoy it during its magical run.

If you are a fan of Lost and you dig toys, here are some pictures from the comic-con floor of the soon to be released figures from Lost by McFarlane Toys.

click on any image to see a hi-res version

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