Collider Movie Talk – Affleck Talks BATMAN, JURASSIC WORLD Dominates Box Office

     July 6, 2015


In case you missed the big announcement…you might want to watch this.

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk, John Campea, Jon Schnepp and Mark Ellis discuss the following:

  • Batman V Superman Entertainment Weekly cover with comments from Affleck about the new Batman!
  • Jurassic World continues its domination at the box office coming in at #1 for the 4th week in a row
  • Selma director Ava DuVernay declines opportunity to direct Marvel’s Black Panther
  • There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson will write and likely direct upcoming Pinocchio movie with Robert Downy Jr.
  • Comic-Con re-ups with the city of San Diego to stay in town until at least 2018
  • With the new merger at Collider, will the weekend show Mail Bag return?
  • How much will the popularity of the game World Of Warcraft effect the success of the upcoming Warcraft movie?
  • What does a comedy have to do in order to win a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards?
  • …and a few things more!

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