Collider Movie Talk: Spider-Man’s ‘Civil War’ Scenes Screened For Sony’s Approval

     December 9, 2015


On this episode of Collider Movie Talk, John Campea, Jon Schnepp and Mark Ellis discuss the following:

  • Hunger Games prequels
  • 22nd Screen Actors Guild nominees
  • Rebecca Ferguson to return for Mission Impossible 6 
  • Suburbicon
  • Sofia Boutella in talks for The Mummy
  • Rewind (brought to you by AMC Theatres)
  • Favorite Canadian actor of all time
  • Who’s the best working actor?
  • and much more…

Image via Lionsgate


With Mockingjay Part 2 having already taken in over $520 million at the worldwide box office, The Hunger Games franchise is by far the most profitable series Lionsgate has ever produced. Now, even though Katniss has fired her last arrow, it seems Lionsgate is eager to go back into the arena as soon as possible. At a recent event in New York, Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns said that the franchise “will live on and on…If we went backwards there obviously would be arenas.” This is in addition to a previous statement by the CEO of Lionsgate who stated that they are “actively looking at some development and thinking about prequel and sequel possibilities”.

Next to the Oscars, the most prestigious award an actor can receive is the Screen Actors Guild Award. This morning the nominees for the 22nd SAG awards were announced. You can see the full list of nominees here.


Coming off back to back smash hits, it’s was no surprise to anyone that the Mission Impossible franchise was fast tracking a sixth installment. We already know that Tom Cruise and company are bringing back director Christopher McQuarrie, which will make him the first director in the series to ever direct more than one installment, and it looks like another person is returning as well. According to a report in Showbiz 411, actress Rebecca Ferguson is “signed, sealed and delivered for part 6″. This will make her the first female lead in the franchise to return as well.

According to a report in Deadline, George Clooney is getting close to assembling his cast for his upcoming directorial effort Suburbicon. The story claims that Josh Brolin, Matt Damon and Julianne Moore are all now in negotiations to join the project. The film is written by the Coen Brothers and is described as a noir drama set in the 1950’s in the vein of the Coens’ breakout film ‘Blood Simple’.



Image via 20th Century Fox

One of the many things to enjoy about this years Kinsmen: The Secret Service was actress Sofia Boutella, the blade legged bodyguard for Samuel L Jackson’s villain. Now, according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, Boutella is now in talks to star in the upcoming Universal Pictures film The Mummy… as… The Mummy! This report is consistent with earlier reports that director Alex Kurtzman was looking to make the title character a woman this time around.

REWIND (brought to you by AMC Theatres)

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Handy Man writes: Hey Guys love what you guys do on Mailbag and I am also a huge fan of Jedi Council.  Being that I am a proud Canadian like yourself John I was wondering who you feel is the best Canadian actor in the business today? And also your pick for best Canadian actor of all time. There’s a lot of talent coming from the north! Keep up the great work and I am counting the days until your Force Awakens review!

Dustin L writes: Hey collider collider crew, awesome job on the show! John Campea frequently says that Russell Crowe is the second best working actor after Daniel Day Lewis. I want to know who everyone else’s  top picks are. Keep up the good work!

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