Collider Movie Talk: AFI Pushes Awards Deadline to Consider ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

     November 18, 2015


On this episode of Collider Movie Talk, John Campea, Jon Schnepp, and Mark Ellis discuss the following:

  • The Huntsmen: Winter’s War trailer
  • Tomb Raider finds writer and director
  • Zoolander 2 trailer
  • Philippa Boyens joins The Merlin Saga
  • Denzel Washington receives Cecil B. DeMille award
  • AFI moves date to accommodate Star Wars: The Force Awakens release
  • Rewind (brought to you by AMC Theatres)
  • Marketing for Creed
  • CGI Focal Point
  • and much more…

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Some time ago it was announced that a reboot was being planned for Tomb Raider hot on the heels of a reboot for the video game franchise itself. Since then, things have been extremely quiet on the Tomb Raider front ever since the announcement, however that changed today. According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter a writer and director have been picked for the new film. The report claims that Norwegian filmmaker Roar Uthaug and Transformers 5 write Geneva Robertson-Dworet have been brought on to direct and write respectively.

Get ready to be really really ridiculously good looking again. The first full trailer for Zoolander 2 has hit the web this morning giving us our first real look at the upcoming sequel. The film features Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Penélope Cruz, Christine Taylor and Kristen Wiig and opens in theatres on February 12th.


As many of you know a Merlin Saga film, based on the popular book series by T.A. Barron, has been in development for years, first over at Warner Bros and now at Disney. Now, it appears the project now has an Academy Award winning writer on board. According to reports writer Philippa Boyens has joined the project. Boyens is best known for working with Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh on all six Middle-earth films as well as on King Kong and The Lovely Bones.


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Every year at The Golden Globe Awards, the Hollywood Foreign Press presents the Cecil B. DeMille Award which is given annually to a talented individual for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment. It’s been announced that this year’s recipient will be none other than Denzel Washington. The actor has been nominated for acting Oscars 6 times in his career with 2 wins. One for Best supporting actor in Glory, and one for Best Lead Actor in Training Day. This year’s Golden Globes will air Sunday, January 10.

It was recently announced that Disney and Lucasfilm will not screen Star Wars: The Force Awakens for critic groups in time to meet their awards consideration deadlines in order to maintain the secrecy of the movie. However, one major body, AFI, has just announced they are changing their eligibility rules this year in order to accommodate Star Wars. AFI was set to announce their annual Best 10 Films Of The Year list on December 7th, but have now moved that date to December 16th. Star Wars will be first show on December 14th at its premiere and then to critics prior to its official opening date of the 18th.

REWIND (brought to you by AMC Theatres)

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David H writes: My question is about Creed. The movie is a week away from release and I have hardly seen any marketing apart from a couple of trailers. There hasn’t been any interviews or TV Spots even when I saw Spectre a couple of weeks ago I saw no movie poster why is that?

Richard writes: Greetings Collider Crew and thanks for recommending Edge of Live, Die, Tomorrow (hey that might have worked). My question is about CGI and how many movies tend to screw it up. I am consistently taken out of the fantasy of a movie when CGI backgrounds are in focus when they shouldn’t be. I mention this because I just saw a “frame” of Star Wars with an in focus Millennium Falcon in the foreground and an in focus engine from the star destroyer on Jakku in the background. Is it just me or does this bother any of you? Would love to hear your thoughts, and may the Schwartz be with you.


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