THE COLLISION: Episode 32 – Looking Back at 2012 and Looking Ahead to 2013

     January 7, 2013


This week on The Collision, we’ll be looking back at 2012 and looking ahead to 2013.  We’ll reflect on last year’s disappointments, sleeper hits, and the challenge of knowing what could be the hits and misses of the coming year.  We’ll also comment on what we’re looking forward to, and as always, finish up with our recommendations.

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Adam’s Recommendation: Sleepwalk with Me

Dave’s Recommendation: Goon

Matt’s Recommendation: Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky [note: after we were done recording, Adam reminded me that I had already recommended this movie before.  However, I honestly did rewatch it a couple nights ago, and was reminded of its brilliance, so I still strongly recommend it, although I apologize for repeating myself.]


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