‘The Collider Podcast’: Episode 25 – ‘Steve Jobs’

     November 4, 2015


This week on The Collider Podcast, we look at Steve Jobs.  Much like the film, we’ve decided to break it down into three parts–we discuss the film itself, we discuss why it flopped at the box office, and we consider its Oscar prospects, which ends up leading to a discussion about which studios have the strongest films remaining for the rest of 2015.

Also, before we begin the episode, I address a long-standing programming issue, which I will also address here: we are going to try and do something about the sound quality.  I’ve now paid money for a better microphone and will be working with different software to provide better sound quality for future episodes.  Now it’s on you to do your part: if you liked the show but hesitated on recommending it to others because of issues with the audio, let us know how future episodes sounds so we can fine-tune what needs to be tuned.

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