‘The Collider TV Podcast’ Ep. 8 – ‘Supergirl,’ ‘The Returned,’ Vancouver Set Visit

     October 30, 2015


There wasn’t a podcast last week because I was in Vancouver visiting the WB and Fox sets for The Flash, Arrow, The 100, Lucifer, Lookinglass, Legends of Tomorrow, Minority Report, Supernatural, and iZombie (all the links from which you can find here)! It was a whirlwind trip: 5 days, 15 journalists, 9 TV show sets, and 60 interviews. But! It was also an amazing opportunity. So this week, a few tidbits on that, plus my take on the Supergirl pilot, as well as a preview of The Returned Season 2 (which I’m really liking so far, but it’s very different from Season 1 —  full review here).

Here’s a full breakdown of the timing:

0:54 — The lowdown on the WB Vancouver set trip, plus what I learned about Minority Report that may make you give it a chance. (Spoiler-free).

11:11 — The Supergirl pilot, and what else we need to see from the series.

18:07 A preview of The Returned Season 2 with a spoiler-free intro for those who haven’t yet watched (or watched the American A&E remake).

27:53 Outro — Notes on next week’s show.


Image via SundanceTV


Image via FOX