THE COLLISION: Episode 128 – Steven Spielberg, Hugh Jackman Leaving Wolverine, and SPECTRE

     April 1, 2015


This week on The Collision, Adam and I take on a variety of subjects.  Our main topic of conversation is Steven Spielberg.  We talk about why he’s the best choice to helm Ready Player One, we look back at his career, his working habits, why he’s not only a transformative and influential filmmaker, but also one who’s managed to stay relevant over the years.  In other news, we talk about Hugh Jackman leaving Wolverine behind (which leads to a tangent about Deadpool and my comment that there’s no way Fox is going to release an R-rated version) and the first trailer for Spectre.  As always, we finish up with our recommendations.

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On a side note, the podcast will soon be launching under a different name for technical reasons. This will remedy the problem of being unable to find the podcast on iTunes and it will update regularly. We thank you greatly for your patience.

Adam’s Recommendation: Everything or Nothing

Matt’s Recommendation: War of the Worlds


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