‘Colony’ Season 3: Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies on Family, the Resistance, & the Gauntlet

     May 2, 2018


Colony Season 3 begins months after the events of last season’s finale, when the Bowman family and Snyder (Peter Jacobson) escaped Los Angeles with the Gauntlet. After months of living in the wild, Will (Josh Holloway) and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) leave their place of relative safety to search out The Resistance with Snyder in tow.

Last fall, I visited Colony’s Resistance set in the remote woods of Coquitlam, BC with a group of journalists. As we drove away from the city and into the forest without cell service and plenty of bear warnings, the set felt exactly like entering a rebel camp. The tall trees provided cover for the camp, while rustic buildings were used for housing, schools, and community spaces.

On this very cold day, we spoke with Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies about where we find the Bowmans as the season begins, the relationship between Will and Katie, Snyder’s place in the family, and their place in the Resistance:


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QUESTION: Where do we find them as a family when we meet them in Season 3?

SARAH WAYNE CALLIES: Apart from intact, which is significant, and happy. For my money, one of the most interesting developments has been Bram (Alex Neustaedter), who I think when we pick him up has been folded into the Will and Katie world much more. I think he’s made a major transition from being a boy who was frustrated by his lack of participation and then got into some real trouble trying to get involved with The Resistance to someone whose parents do listen to and take seriously.

JOSH HOLLOWAY: It’s changed our relationship quite a bit, which is fantastic. To me, the repressive parent, that relationship, he and I were like, “Oooh, we’re so tired of that!” So we were glad it evolved into more trust and partners and letting him come of age as a man. That’s a significant shift. And also, they’re happy. For once, they’re together. They’re safe. It’s a time cut, so it’s been six month together living in the forest in relative safety. They’ve experienced something we haven’t seen the Bowmans experience even for a second. That’s very significant.

CALLIES: I will say that in that safety, I think weighing very heavily on Katie and to Bram to a certain extent as well, is that fact that they are– there’s a price to their family’s safety, right? Which is that I promised Broussard, we promised Broussard, that we would get this really important piece of intelligence to The Resistance. In a way, the continuing theme of the show, but certainly of this season continues to be, what’s the balance of safety and liberty? What are the things you give up in order to be safe? And what are the things you’re willing to give up in order to be free? It’s an incredibly exciting time to be asking those specific questions.


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Do you think Katie and Will are on the same page?

CALLIES: Maybe not the same paragraph in the page. [Laughs]

HOLLOWAY: [Laughs] Yeah. Same page. Different paragraph. Exactly. Will understands and believes also what his wife believes in. He married a rebel. He knows that. He, himself, is one, but his priorities are family, safety, protection first, and then I’ll deal with saving the world. It strikes a good balance, but what is nice about this season is that we are on the same page. Different paragraph, same page. I am listening. I try to convince them lightly to stay in the woods forever, but I know that that is not the reality. So I’m entrusting my son into becoming a man. I am open. Reluctantly open to what they are talking about.

CALLIES: At the same time, I’m not a combat veteran. I think Katie’s willingness, as much of the shine, has come off of her kind of naivety over the first few seasons, Will still has a much more profound understanding of what engaging the enemy means, especially on a large scale. I always try and kind of think of it from Will’s perspective, as well as, Katie’s, which is that it’s easy and romantic to say, “It is better to die standing than on your knees.” And it’s another thing to have been somebody, who as a character, has a past of going overseas and engaging in combat and losing people.

HOLLOWAY: And understanding military power and the fact that we were taken over in less than eight hours is not lost on Will. Throughout this series, he’s been reluctant of resistance for those reasons. Simply, they don’t have enough information to fight this enemy yet and he states that to his son in Season 2. We win by surviving first.

CALLIES: And then once we survive, we fight.

HOLLOWAY: Exactly. I get that.


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