‘Colossal’: New Trailer Finds Anne Hathaway Destroying an Entire City

     February 16, 2017


A new trailer for Colossal has landed online, giving us another look at filmmaker Nacho Vigalando’s wholly unique new movie. The film stars Anne Hathaway as Gloria, a woman whose life is falling to pieces thanks to a series of poor life choices and a bit too much boozing. When she loses her job and gets kicked out of her apartment by her boyfriend, Gloria has to relocate to her hometown, where she reunites with a childhood friend (Jason Sudeikis) and finds herself slipping back into her destructive patterns in no time. At the same time, a giant Kaiju starts popping up in Soeul, South Korea; destroying everything in its path, and Gloria starts to realize that she shares a psychic connection with the monster and her reckless behavior threatens to destroy more than just her relationships.

I had the pleasure of catching the film back at the Toronto International Film Festival (read my review here), and I can attest that this new trailer continues to sell the film in a great way without ruining some of the other aspects of the story. The fact is, Colossal is about much more than a woman who controls a kaiju, but watching the story unfold is part of the fun. So I’m glad distributor Neon is selling this film in a way that’s true to what the film is—it’s really funny and a lot of fun—but also keeping the nuts and bolts of it all under wraps.

Check out the new Colossal trailer below via Yahoo! Movies and click here to watch Steve’s interview with Vigalondo from Sundance. The film also stars Tim Blake Nelson, Dan Stevens, and Austin Stowell. Colossal opens in theaters on April 7th.

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