Heroes: Comic Book Movies/TV Recap of 2016

     December 20, 2016

Welcome to the 88th Episode of Collider’s Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with guests Robert Meyer Burnett, Jason Inman, and Amy Dallen. We bring you the latest news about the World of Heroes and Villains! On this episode of Collider’s Heroes (Tuesday December 20th, 2016):


Image via 20th Century Fox

2016 was a fun and exciting year for film. This goes double for fans of the comic book genre. From Deadpool to Doctor Strange, there has been a great variety of comic book movies released. Whether you happen to be a fan or not, it’s pretty amazing to see how many properties have been made over the years, including 2016’s haul.

The Heroes crew discuss the following films and go in detail of which of them are their favorites and least favorites:


Image via The CW

While the film world had its share of triumphs in the world of comic book adaptations in 2016, television also exploded with incredible new series, as well as a few returning shows. With so much new content on the small screen, the crew worked hard to narrow down their lists to three of their favorite shows of 2016.








Image via AMC

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