Info on Comic-Con 2014 Badge Sales: No More 4-Day Badges

     January 9, 2014


Comic-Con is shaking things up for 2014 badge sales.  No more 4-day badges—only single day badges will be sold, although you can consolidate a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badge into a 4-day badge on site.  Additionally, you can only attend Preview Night on Wednesday if you purchase a badge for all four days Thursday-Sunday.

Comic-Con is working hard to improve the online ordering system with plans to open preregistration in early 2014.  Those who attended Comic-Con 2013 are allowed to preregister, and will be e-mailed at least 48 hours before sales open with badge preregistration instructions.  Those who did not attend Comic-Con 2013 can participate in open online registration later in the year.  Hit the jump for pricing details and more information on how to secure a badge.

Check out the Comic-Con site for more details and to set up an online account.  Note that you’ll need you Member ID and your 2013 badge to qualify for 2013 preregistration.

Below are the 2014 prices.  Last year, adult single day tickets were $42 Thursday-Saturday ($3 less) and $24 on Sunday ($6 less).  A 4-day badge with Preview Night was $175 in 2013, while the equivalent badges this year cost $200.



Junior/U.S. Military/Senior

Preview Night
















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