‘Supergirl’ Season 2: 9 Things to Know About the DC Adaptation’s New Life on the CW

     July 23, 2016


Find out what’s ahead with the arrival of Supergirl on the CW. Executive producer Sarah Schechter, actors Melissa Benoist, David Harewood, Jeremy Jordan and show newcomer Tyler Hoechlin talked about what to expect for Season 2, the first season of the show on the CW. Not only are we getting Superman and Lynda Carter as the POTUS but the possibility of a massive TV crossover between numerous DC properties is now more inevitable than ever before.

  • Jeremy Jordan revealed that there aren’t exactly romantic plans for Winn in season 2. He felt like his emotions were toyed with in season one between the rejections and dating a crazy woman. Winn is going to be utilized in the workplace more. We’ll be seeing him rise to his potential.
  • Winn was described as the shows fan girl when he meets Superman. Jordan described him as “That guy” and is excited to represent how a fan would react to meeting their hero.
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    David Harewood talked about Hank’s dynamic with Superman/Clark Kent, especially following the revelation of him being Martian Manhunter. Hank is used to being the parent in the relationship with Kara. So when Clark comes into the picture he says, “There’s a lot of tension. The two of them lock heads. It’s gonna be fun to see how that tension plays out.”

  • Executive Producer Sarah Schechter said Superman role is strictly supporting because the show’s aim is still to focus on who Kara is as Supergirl. Including her family in the narrative is part of that and allows for Clark to come in so audiences can see her connection to home. He doesn’t remember life on Earth but she does and that’s a gift for both of them.
  • With Supergirl now having a home on the CW, Schechter revealed that a massive crossover is in the works between all 4 DC shows. The production team loves the characters as do the actors so they’re enthusiastic to share those dream team-ups with fans. They want to foster a community between the shows.
  • When asked if Oracle was coming to Supergirl, Schecter smiled, “maybe”. Did confirm that the season’s big reveal is who’s in the pod and what are their motives. Also added that Lynda Carter’s appearance as the POTUS was purposefully placed to coincide with the November elections.
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    Tyler Hoechlin joins Supergirl as Superman and shared that his take isn’t based on any other incarnation. His approach is more finding what he finds interesting about Clark as he’s written and having fun making organic discoveries. Sees the Superman suit as his three-piece suit and is more interested in how Clark thinks about his contributions and doing what he can with his powers.

  • To Tyler, he’s there in service to Kara’s story. To establish their familiarity & show audiences that when they see each other they think, “Oh, home!” He’s glad to be a part of the team supporting Melissa’s character.
  • Supergirl herself Melissa Benoist shared how the overwhelming response to Kara has affected her thoughts on being a role model. More than anything she feels privileged but that it’s also intimidating. Is proud that Kara speaks for what people want to feel, bright and joyful and she thinks it’s good for people to be inspired by the character.

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