Comic-Con: ADVENTURE TIME Panel Features Live Radio Play With Audio; A Brief Look At New Flame Princess Episode

     July 16, 2012


Without a doubt, Adventure Time has one of the most rabid followings of any animated show currently out there.  If you’ve been to Comic-Con, you likely have seen a ton of Finn, Jake, or Fionna outfits.  The cartoon smartly appeals to boys, girls, and men and women with a zany world and fun story that builds on itself.  Oh, and not to mention a catch-phrase that you can say to any fan that they will immediately respond to.  This was one of my most-anticipated panels in San Diego this year and as a new fan I was not disappointed Saturday afternoon.  Creator and voice of Lumpy Space Princess Pendleton Ward was on hand to moderator the panel filled with songwriter Rebecca Sugar, Jeremy Shada (Finn), John DiMaggio (Jake), and Tom Kenny (Ice King).  Hit the jump for the panel highlights, the radio play audio, and a full description of the upcoming Flame Princess episode clip shown.

adventure-time-charactersI think it’s only fair that we start off with the audio of the radio play, as that was how the panel started as well.  Also, note that this was performed live, and DiMaggio had to voice Beemo.  Click here to listen.

During the Flame Princess clip we see Finn helping to build her a home of sorts.  The “house” looks like a camp fire, and they are right by a cliff overhanging a large body of water.  I don’t recognize the area.  She morphs into a giant flame and says she loves the new place.  Jake is off to the side, feeling a bit wary.  After some conversing, Finn jumps into the water and Flame Princess asks him to do her favorite move in the water.  So he sucks up a bunch of water and spits it through his teeth as it looks like an elegant fountain—if it wasn’t coming from his mouth.  Jake then asks him to do his favorite move.  So Finn turns over in the water so his back is facing up and sinks a bit.  He then begins to go up and down as he farts underwater.  Later, Finn and Flame Princess are saying their goodbyes.  They go to hug each other, but Jake steps in to stop them.  Then he proceeds to wrap Finn in tinfoil from head to toe.  Finn and Flame Princess start to move towards each other again, but then shy away briefly as they both blush.  Then they hug and you can see Finn truly happy.  They walk away and Jake gives him a lesson on relationships, explaining the different steps as he provides a visual staircase with his arm.  Jake explains how everything starts off very innocently, as he moves up and up the ladder.  There are a lot of steps.  Hugging is one of them, and smooching is around step eight.  When Finn gets impatient and asks what the final step, number 15 is, Jake yells, “You stay away from that step!”  The crowd explodes in laughter and even the panelists can’t stop laughing.

-We were shown a clip from Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!, the upcoming video game on the Nintendo 3DS by WayForward Technologies. Pendleton Ward mentions how it is partly inspired by an old game called Pepsiman.  In the middle of the game, you would see a fat man sitting on his couch getting really excited and yelling Pepsi over and over while cheering you on.  Ward jokes that in this new game, you will see his face at the end.  Right after Pendleton explained the game, a fan yelled, “Shut up and take my money!”  “Whoa, gosh,” responded Ward.

adventure-time-ice-king-“Will there be more spells in new episodes?”  “So many spells you won’t know what to do,” answered Ward.

-A fan thanks them for the awesome map quest and Jake medal that took place on the convention floor this year. He asks them about censorship and whether they had to throw out any ideas because of that.  Ward explains that there is an episode with Ghost Princess that has a lot of murder.  However, they couldn’t keep saying the word “murder”, so they changed it to “moider” and “mertle urgle”.  Kenny joked that as long as they talked like Curly from The Three Stooges they would be fine.

-Will we see more of Fionna and Cake?  Rebecca Sugar says they will.

-After a fan asked who Finn’s toughest enemy was, he suggested the name of “Seacrag” as the deer that messed up Finn’s legs.  The whole panel starts cracking jokes about the name, with DiMaggio asking them if they wanted to take a break and get some “Seacrag”.  “I think he wants writer’s credit, Ward,” added Kenny.  “Yea, written by that guy,” says Ward.  “There’s going to be more.”

-Tom and John asked if they ever end up having some of the other characters they voice come out during voice acting sessions.  Kenny voices SpongeBob SquarePants from SpongeBob SquarePants and DiMaggio voices Bender from Futurama most famously.

“Yea, the schizophrenia kicks in a bit,” jokes DiMaggio.  He also mentions how anytime he raises his voice, Bender comes out.  Then he seamlessly starts to voice Bender.  “Yea, it’s inside you so it always comes out a bit,” added Kenny.

-Kenny tells Pendleton, “I think it’s mean that you made your mom inflate that whole Finn head outside.”  “Hey, don’t tell me how to raise my mom,” replied Ward.

Adventure-Time-Comic-Con-2012-Talks about an adventure time movie?   DiMaggio says, “I’d do an Adventure Time movie. Would you, Pen?”  “Yea,” responded Ward.  They are working on a big special for Cartoon Network.

-A fan praises the inventiveness of the show, but asks if they ever have writer’s block as of late.  “Yea, the fourth season we had the fourth season blues. We’d pitch ideas but they had did it in like season two,” admitted Ward.  He then mentions one way they break out is using a writing technique called exquisite corpse where you start writing, and then you fold a sheet, then pass it around so it ends up being a sort of Mad Lib.  “But the ideas are usually terrible,” laughed Ward.

-A fan mentions that he loves the continuity in the show and that during a recent episode with Princess Cookie that he saw Goliad and Stormo in the background.  So he asks if Goliad and Stormo will have anything but a showdown?  “No, they’re locked til the end of time,” responded Ward.  However, he does admit that they thought of giving Stormo a haircut in an episode, because the hair was getting out of control from sitting there for so long.

-A fan asks, quite simply, “Why are bananas pooped by the demons?”  After a long of mixed responses, a fan in the crowd yelled out, “Because pineapples hurt!”  The crowd broke into laughter and Ward added, “Everyone’s a comedian.”

-Will Tiffany be in future episodes?  “Yea, coming up,” replied Ward.

-A fan asks a common mystery about whether something happened between Marceline and Bubblegum.  “They had a falling out. They used to be friends,” replied Sugar.

adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-Is Doctor Princess, Betty?  “Decide it,” says ward to Rebecca.  “No,” is all Sugar says.  However, there will be more episodes with Betty down the road.

-When will Princess Bubblegum meet Flame Princess and will she be jealous?  The crowd broke out in oohs, and the team revealed that they already have that episode written so you will have to stay tuned.

-Another fan smartly asks whether Princess Bubblegum is evil in some way.  He gives the zombie outbreak and Goliad as examples.  “She’s like a scientist and she’s very cold and calculated.  But not evil,” explained Ward.

-Were Marceline and Princess Bubblegum ever in a relationship?  The crowd gives a stunned reaction, and Kenny jokes, “There’s a lot of fan fiction on that.”  Then Rebecca Sugar responds, “That’s none of your business,” which the crowd loved.

-”Is the Nightosphere based on Comic-Con?”  The crowd roared with laughter.  “Yes, yes it was,” jokes Ward.

-A fan thanks the panelists for the show and especially for the Finn hat, which she explains helps her autistic son be more social in school though one kid still asks if it’s a panda hat all the time.  The crowd clearly responded emotionally to this.  She then asks whether Ward was a lot like Finn when he was young.  Ward goes on to explain that he was really wild and rambunctious when he was little, but now sees himself more like Ice King.  He quickly explains how he often goes back to his home and plays video games, but really wishes he could come back home to a wife.

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