Comic-Con: ARCHER Panel Screens Season 4 Episode with Creator Adam Reed, H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, and Amber Nash

     July 14, 2012

comic con archer

I’m ready to say that Archer is the funniest show on television.  There is no show that makes me laugh harder and more often.  The panel was billed as a screening—given that season three just ended and there is no premiere date set for season 4, I had accepted the fact they would probably show one of the better season three episodes.  But I was pleasantly surprised they somehow got “Coyote Lovely,”  an episode from the upcoming season, ready in time to show us.

Hit the jump for a recap of the panel with creator Adam Reed, H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Amber Nash, and Chris Parnell.

This is a hard recap to write because 1) I am not sure how best to review the episode and 2) Most of the panel was so filthy that even if I had the wherewithal to repeat it here, I don’t know believe it will play anywhere outside that room.

archer-tv-show-imageI’ll start with the episode.  Archer, Lana, and Cyril are on a mission at the border.  We see things start to go awry when Archer becomes smitten with Moreno, the Coyote they are targeting who just so happens to be a beautiful, buxom Latina.  Cut to: Lana and Cyril back at ISIS trying to explain to Mallory what happened.  The rest of the episode is structured around Lana and Cyril’s story, illustrated with flashbacks to the wacky misadventures.

The episode is, unsurprisingly, really funny.  There is a string of jokes on the possibility that Archer has Autism that is especially clever.  But rather than try to explain to you why it was funny, I choose to cop out and advise you to wait until whenever this episode finally airs and experience it for yourself.  I will advise you to brush up on your Spanish in preparation.  The episode is peppered with jokes in intermediate Spanish that will really test your language comprehension.

As for the panel, the teases for what’s to come are safe:

  • Mallory is getting married to a man named Ron Cadillac, who owns 6 Cadillac dealerships.  Her motives for marrying him are unclear and dubious.  The character will be voiced by Ron Leibman, the real-life husband of Jessica Walters (the voice of Mallory).
  • Reed promises an epic undersea battle, great news from the co-creator of Sealab 2021.
  • We might visit Lana’s family home.  Tyler was excited at the prospect of more black characters.
  • There are new characters joining the ISIS staff.  One is played by comedian Andrew Donnelly.  He voices the new guard of the armory, because that place has clearly not been watched closely enough until now.
  • Barry is hard at work in space building a space ship to get him home, so they’ll get him back to Earth soon to reclaim his status as Archer’s arch nemesis.
  • A fan asked about the possibility of “Danger Zone” singer Kenny Loggins making a guest appearance.  Reed liked the idea so much he claimed it as his own: “Yes, that’s been in the works since way before just now.”

One final note for Frisky Dingo fans.  Reed would love to continue the Frisky Dingo universe, but he doesn’t own the property.  Reed laments the network “didn’t really like it when it was on.  I don’t think they want to do anything with it now.”

I didn’t do this panel justice, which is too bad, because seeing the episode is my favorite moment at Comic-Con so far.  Just watch Archer, please.

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