Costumes and Cosplay at Comic-Con 2010; Over 80 Pictures!

     July 25, 2010

Every year at Comic-Con, a huge percentage of people dress up.  It’s actually one of the reasons Comic-Con is so much fun, as you can dress up like any superhero, anime character, or even Colonel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken and get huge props from attendees.

While some costumes are clearly better than others…at Collider, we don’t discriminate.  If you wore any sort of costume and one of our writers saw you while walking around the convention, your picture is after the jump.  What’s great about the people that dress up at Comic-Con is everyone loves to get their picture taken and they always strike a pose.  It’s really worth checking out the 80 something images as some of the costumes are pretty awesome.

click on any image for high-res

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