Comic-Con: DEXTER Panel Recap; Plus a First Look at HOMELAND Season Two [Updated with Video from Yvonne Strahovski]

     July 13, 2012


Howling fans of intrigue and murder packed Ballroom 20 today for a Showtime’s combo Homeland/Dexter panel.  We learned a new locale for Homeland, the dramatic thriller concerning a CIA officer (Claire Danes) and a soldier returning from enemy captivity who may be a threat to the U.S. (Damian Lewis).  And we also met a new face for Dexter.  The show, which will be entering its seventh season this fall, stars Michael C. Hall as the fan-favorite killer with a conscience.  Read more about terrorists and serial killers after the jump.

homeland-claire-danes-imageAfter leaving Carrie on the operating table at the end of season one, even Executive Producer of the series Homeland Howard Gordon knew that getting Carrie (Claire Danes) back into the story was a challenge.  The audience was treated to a tease of season two and  it shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Based on the tease, we know that Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) will have taken political office.
  • The first two episodes take place in Beirut, but were filmed in Israel.
  • Carrie’s mental illness will always be present, but as Gordon puts it, “that danger and that gift is always part of the character.
  • Though Danes herself is pregnant, Carrie will not be.
  • An online Homeland game launches July 30th at

The people from Dexter gave the ultimate tease when they cued the audience up with a “previously on Dexter” recap of season six before laying down the first few minutes of season seven, which take place directly following Deb’s discovery.  dexter-season-7-cs-lee-jennifer-carpenterDexter will continue his journey of how to be human, but not just the shiny happy bit but also the darker side of humanity: manipulative and self-serving… but still very likable.

  • While last year’s theme was spirituality, this year will explore the consequences of love.
  • Harry Morgan (James Remar) will be return in both flashback and subconscious form.
  • Jennifer Carpenter said that in season seven, Deb “has no compass.  Dexter moves with certainty and she’s trapped in her fucking head.”
  • Yvonne Strahovski’s character got a name (Hanna McKay) and a description of “a woman of mystery with a dark past who helps Dexter in an investigation of an old murder mystery” straight from the actress’s mouth.
  • Executive Producer Scott Buck said of Strahovski’s casting that she has a mysterious quality to her, but she seems like she’s likable.  (Possibly a portent of ill things to come from Ms. McKay)
  • Dexter will be running a contest at
  • Dexter: Early Cuts — All in the Family webisodes can be found at This is the third installment of this additional material.

Update: Have a look and listen to Yvonne Strahovski in this video interview with THR:

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