Comic-Con: DOCTOR WHO Panel Recap; Future Holds Weeping Angels and More Daleks Than You’ve Ever Seen!

     July 16, 2012


Moderator Chris Hardwick guided a packed Hall H through the approach of the next season (series, if you’re British) of Doctor Who and the coming departure of companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill).  Gillan and Darvill were joined on stage by the Doctor (Matt Smith), Showrunner Steven Moffat and Executive Producer Caroline Skinner.  Fans were treated to clips from two upcoming episodes as well as some teases for what’s in store.

In addition to a look back on a powerful scene between Gillan and Darvill from The Girl Who Waited, fans were also shown clips from A Town Called Mercy (a Western-themed episode shot in Spain) and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (which includes both the lovelies mentioned in the title as well as Rory’s father accompanying the Doctor’s gang). More after the break.

matt-smith-karen-gillan-doctor-who-image-2*Rory and Amy’s final departure will involve the Weeping Angels, which happen to be Gillan’s favorite Doctor Who villain.

*”I didn’t stop crying for two weeks,” Gillan said about leaving the show.  “I’m going to miss running down corridors from imaginary monsters.”

*What Darvill loved about working on Doctor Who, “It’s great to play characters you know so well and get scripts that surprise you.”

*Moffat responded to Hardwick’s challenge of “There is no way you can write them out completely” with the response “Enjoy the episode, Chris.”  Their repartee continued when Hardwick said “You know you have our hearts in your hands and we trust you.” Cheekily, Moffat retorted, “Why do you trust me?  What have I done to earn that?”

*In terms of what’s next, Gillan and Darvill answered by doing impersonations of each other.  Gillan is filming Not Another Happy Ending in Scotland followed by Ocular about a mirror.  Darvill will perform in a play in London (with his best friend) and will next appear in a new series Broadchurch with David Tennant.

*The next season will include: “more Daleks than you’ve ever seen in one place”, an episode shot in New York, and an appearance by Diana Rigg.

matt-smith-doctor-who-image-01*In answering the season ending thread of “Doctor Who?”, Moffat said that clearly the question is important and we will find out the truth of the Doctor’s name.

*Darvill would love to see an Atlantis episode (to which Moffat rattled off a series of those from Doctor Who’s history).  He’d also like to see the Doctor join a band and become a rock star.  Gillan would like an episode that finds the characters trapped in a piano.  Hardwick would like the Doctor to figure out the time loop from Bill Murray’s film Groundhog Day.

*When asked what roles they’d like to play, Darville said John Proctor from The Crucible, Gillan said Lady MacBeth and Smith just wants to play a really bad villain.

*Regarding another villain team up a la The Pandorica arc, Moffat said, “48,000 years of preparation and we blew up the universe.  Bugger.”

*Weird set habits include Gillan picking at her lips when nervous, Smith making a sound completely impossible to transcribe and Darvill turning into “dad” when grumpy.  The trio also like to play the game of “uncomfortable touch” with other actors on first meeting.  This can involve a prolonged side hug or even keeping them a full arm’s length away with a hand on their shoulder.

*Matt Smith admitted that he nerded out over Bryan Cranston and Seth MacFarlane while at Comic Con.

*”I’m loving all the ginger hair,” said Gillan over all the Amy Pond cosplay spread out in front of her.

*On your first day on the Doctor Who set, you get a handbook of what every area of the TARDIS does.

*Matt Smith said he hears “You didn’t bring your TARDIS then?” at every single airport.

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