Comic-Con: ELEMENTARY Panel Recap

     July 18, 2012


With Robert Downey Jr knocking it out of the park in theaters and Benedict Cumberbatch doing no wrong in the role across the pond, I wondered why the world needed another interpretation of Sherlock Holmes.  Watching the Pilot episode of Elementary, I snickered at its cheeky bits and admired the performances of both Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson. Miller’s Holmes is very much in the mold of a Dr. Gregory House, a brilliant mind more concerned with the truth than convention.  In fact, he’s a recovering addict and Ms. Watson has been assigned as his sober companion.  Liu said that Watson uses her sober companion position to distract her from her own issues, but Holmes sees right through her.  Find out why it’s moved up my DVR list after the break.

lucy-liu-jonny-lee-miller-elementaryMiller and Liu disagreed about the pressure of putting up a Sherlock Holmes series in the wake of existing properties.  Miller thinks the fact that there have been so many interpretations takes the pressure off.  Liu believes that pressure is a good thing.  “A piece of coal on a table will just be coal… but under pressure it can be a diamond.”  Having seen the Pilot, I assure you, fair reader, that this series definitely has the makings of a gem.

*Miller said his Holmes “Struggles with control of his emotions and control generally.”

*In researching psychologist’s diagnosis of Holmes, Robert Doherty homed in on the trouble Holmes had with women.

*Will they, won’t they is not the intention of the series, but rather the incredible bond between two professionals.  Even though Lucy Liu says the gender shift does give it a “bit of a tingle.”

*Doherty went on to somewhat reveal that it would be a great shame to do Sherlock Holmes and not have Moriarty appear.  Though they will probably hold off on Mycroft for a bit.  Holmes’s father will carve out a mysterious overarching shadow.

*Series premieres on CBS September 29th at 10pm.