Comic Con 2011: GREEN LANTERN ANIMATED Series Interviews with Executive Producer Bruce Timm and Producers Jim Krieg and Giancarlo Volpe

     July 26, 2011

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While DC may not always knock the ball out of the park with their feature film offerings, it’s fairly safe to say that their Animated Television projects have been almost universally hailed as excellent.  With the Green Lantern Corps getting the spotlight this summer in a feature film, video game, and direct to home entertainment animated film, DC looks to once again storm TV screens with a new 3D CGI series Green Lantern: The Animated Series destined for Cartoon Network.  Comic Con alumnus and DC Animated architect Bruce Timm was joined by series producers Jim Krieg and Giancarlo Volpe in the press room and we were able to talk to all of them.  Watch our video interviews after the jump.

Bruce Timm is a name that has, rightfully, become synonymous with quality when it comes to animation.  As Executive Producer and 2D Character Designer, Timm sets poised to steer DC’s newest foray into Animated adventure straight ahead and to quality.  Timm talked designing for 3D versus 2D, things left undone from the Justice League series, and even let slip some small spoilers for fans in the know (Star Saphire and the Alpha Lanterns anyone?).

Timm teases Star Sapphire by saying:

“Carol Ferris is an interesting character and she gets a lot more interesting about halfway through the series.  If you’re a comic book nerd, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Here’s the full interview:

Bruce Timm

  • :05 – Timm begins by talking about designing for 3D
  • :50 – I ask about the show’s female characters and Timm says it’s a “interesting question”.  Timm then talks about the show’s female characters and intimates we’ll see Alpha Lanterns and Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire by midseason..
  • 1:15 – Timm confrms the show will focus on the entire Corps as an ensemble, not just Hal Jordan.
  • 2:10 – Sadly, Tim suggests there wasn’t anything he didn’t get to do with Justice League that might show up in Green Lantern.

Producer Giancarlo Volpe was up next, and he had plenty to say about the Red Lanterns, including which ones we’ll see in the first season of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, as well as teasing the introduction of other Lantern Corps.

In particular he talks about making the Red Lanterns, particularly Atrocitus scary:

“We wanted to make sure he was scary and a leader.”

Here’s the full interview:

Giancarlo Volpe

  • :05 – Volpe begins by talking about the Red Lanterns including Atrocitus and Zilius Zox.
  • 1:05 – Volpe discusses whether or not we’ll see any of the other Lantern Corps: yellow, indigo, etc.
  • 1:50 – Volpe talks about the overall design of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and how it harkens back to Sci-fi and pulp magazines.

Finally Producer Jim Krieg attempted to remain tight lipped with any spoilers, but talked candidly about characterization for the series and working with Bruce Timm.

Krieg teases entering the Justice League Universe by saying:

“There’s not a lot of flashbacks to the Hall of Justice, though now actually that I think about it, that would be pretty fun.

Here’s the full interview:

Jim Krieg

  • :05 – Krieg begins by suggesting his title makes him a ‘kind of writer’.
  • :30 – Krieg talks story structure, both for individual episodes as well as the series as a whole.
  • 1:00– Krieg confirms that while the stories will focus on the Green Lantern Corps, they will exist in the larger DC Universe.
  • 1:30 – Krieg talks about the creative freedom they’ve gotten from Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers

Based on these interviews and the images released at Comic Con, you don’t have to look at the Book of Oa to intuit that this series has the potential to be yet another Animated hit for DC.