Comic-Con 2011: 70 Images From Preview Night Including MIB3, GHOST RIDER 2, Props, BATMAN, SPIDER-MAN, Slave Leia’s, More

     July 20, 2011

comiccon 2011 preview night slice

With Comic-Con officially underway, I just got back from Preview Night and after the jump you can check out about 70 images from the Convention Floor.  Like previous years, Preview Night was packed with people trying to buy all the Convention exclusives, as well as tons of kids, parents, and people in cosplay walking the floor.

While I didn’t get to see everything tonight, I tried to stop by all the major booths and snapped photos of movie props from Batman and Inception, Men in Black 3 stuff, The Amazing Spider-Man, Johnny Blaze’s motorcycle from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, two different DeLoreans from Back to the Future, and, of course, I got two Slave Leia’s….

Finally, starting tomorrow I’ve lined up a ton of exclusive interviews.  Make sure to check back all throughout the day as we’ve got most of the Collider staff here and we’ll be covering all the panels and doing tons of interviews.  It’s about to get crazy. Hope you like.

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