Michael Sheen Exclusive Video Interview TRON: LEGACY in the End of Line Club at Comic-Con

     July 28, 2010

At this year’s Comic-Con, Walt Disney raised the bar yet again by building a practical set from Tron: Legacy and then throwing a huge party on Friday night. However, before the party, the studio used the location for press to interview the cast and filmmakers.  While most interviews at Comic-Con were done at area hotels or backstage in the Convention center, the End of Line Club from Tron: Legacy provided an amazing location for conducting interviews.

While I wasn’t originally scheduled to talk to Michael Sheen about his work in Tron: Legacy, while waiting for another interview, I managed to get a few minutes with this great actor.  We talked about the outfit he had to wear in Tron, what was it like to be back in the End of Line Club, working with 3D cameras, his character, and is he going to be in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. It’s a great interview so check it out after the jump:

For more Tron: Legacy coverage, here’s the new trailer which shows Sheen’s character, our coverage of the Tron panel at Comic-Con, and here’s a ton of images and video from the End of Line Club viral event the night before this interview.

Michael Sheen

  • Is the beard for a movie role
  • 1:15 – Talks about the outfit he had to wear in Tron: Legacy
  • 2:00 – We talk about how his character would move and react in the Tron universe
  • 3:15 – Acting with 3D cameras and did it alter his performance
  • 4:00 – How 3D cameras slow you down a bit
  • 4:35 – Is he in Twilight: Breaking Dawn
  • Talks about The End of Line Club and how it’s a recreation of the location from the movie
  • He thanks me for a certain location of the interview


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