Exclusive: Patrick Stewart Talks DOROTHY OF OZ, STAR TREK, Recording Answering Machine Messages, and More at Comic-Con

     July 28, 2011


At this year’s Comic-Con, I got to talk to someone whose work I’ve loved for a very long time: Patrick Stewart.  While many Star Trek fans debate which show was the best, I’ve always thought Star Trek: The Next Generation was the one that got everything right, and I’ve watched every episode at least a few times.  Trust me, if you had seen my face while doing this interview, you’d have thought I’d won a million dollars.

The reason Stewart was at his first Comic-Con is the movie Dorothy of Oz.  In the upcoming animated film, Stewart will voice a character named Tugg (you can watch him talk about the character here).  During the interview, Stewart talked about his love of animated films, making Dorothy of Oz, being at Comic-Con for the first time, how you can get him to record his voice for an answering machine message, when he looks back on his experience filming Star Trek: TNG what’s the one thing he remembers, has he seen X-Men: First Class and J.J. Abrams Star Trek, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Patrick Stewart Time Index

  • :26 What attracted him to the project. Says he’s been a fan of animated films his whole life.
  • 1:19 Talks about his experience working in animated movies.
  • 2:12 Has his character changed much over the course of production?
  • 2:48 Talks about the Comic-Con experience and what he would geek out over on the floor if he could be anonymous. Also talks about this being his first time at Comic-Con.
  • 4:38 Talks about people asking him to record his voice for their answering machine messages.
  • 5:30 Does he still get nervous before going on stage when he does theater?
  • 7:15 When he looks back on his experience filming Star Trek: The Next Generation, what’s the one thing that sticks out in his mind?
  • 8:20 Has he seen X-Men: First Class?
  • 8:48 His thoughts on J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek



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