New RED Trailer Plus a Write Up of the RED Comic-Con Panel in Hall H

     July 22, 2010


Red is the kind of film that can really benefit from Comic-Con.  The film doesn’t come out too long after the Con (October 15th) and can appeal to this crowd even though it’s not based off well-known source material.  The teaser trailer is a lot of fun and that’s how they kicked off the presentation.  As far as marketing goes, I think Summit Entertainment is doing solid work, but today the film had a chance to build serious buzz.

Stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, and Karl Urban came out to greet the enthusiastic crowd along with graphic novel creators Warren Ellis and Cully Hammer and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.  Hit the jump to find out what went down in Hall H today at the panel for Red.

Red-movie-poster-Karl-UrbanThis was a heavy emphasis Q&A panel, and perhaps I’m just jaded, but I find these Q&As boring, both the prepared questions and the ones from the audience.  That being said, it’s hard for me to gauge excitement beyond fan response to footage or a trailer.  Here’s what you need to know about what the actors thought about Red: it’s fun and the action scenes were strenuous.

I was surprised that director Robert Schwentke wasn’t present for the panel.  I have no idea why that was, but it’s not typical.

The standout on the panel was Mirren.  Not only did she have the great line about her and Morgan Freeman in the film (“They had the Queen, and then they had God”), but she wore a shirt commemorating the recently-deceased Harvey Pekar.

And Warren Ellis continued to be great by making a dig at Mark Millar.  I don’t remember the exact question but it was something about how involved Ellis was in the process and he responded by saying that to get really involved, “That ways lies madness… or Mark Millar.”

They did show a new trailer for the film.  It’s like the teaser trailer but more: more action, more laughs.  If you liked what you saw before, you’re going to be even more interested after you see the theatrical trailer (included at the bottom of the post).

I don’t think Red made the splash that it could and it would have benefited from showing a couple clips from the film.  I don’t think this panel hurt the film at all, but it felt like a bit of a missed opportunity.

Here’s the new trailer.  Click over to Apple for HD.

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