Comic-Con is SOLD OUT!

     July 17, 2008

You knew it was going to happen…this years’ Comic Con in San Diego is now totally sold out!

Over a week in advance, tickets are all gone!

In the history of Comic-Con…this has never happened so far in advance. You know what that means…the convention is bigger than ever. It also means, get ready for lines like you’ve never seen on all 4 days.

It used to be you could go to the Con on Thursday and walk around the floor without too many lines. That would be the day to buy what you wanted, or maybe look around and then go back on Sunday and actually pick it up. Now, with over 100,000 people attending in the four days of Con, if you see something you like, you’d better buy it immediately.

But while I miss the days where Comic-Con was a bit more relaxed and stress free, let’s all take a moment to welcome one positive change to the convention – FREE WI-FI!

Thanks to Paramount Pictures “Eagle Eye,” the Con is offering free internet to everyone except when you’re in the Exhibit Hall.

But while this sounds amazing, when you put 100,000 geeks with computers in one area…we’ll be lucky if any of us can get online, as the demand for bandwidth is going to be huge. But…it’s still very cool of Paramount to do this.

Again, Collider will be at Con in full force. Expect tons of updates starting next Wednesday night.

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