First Short and Sweet Clip from Stop-Motion Animated Christmas Episode of COMMUNITY

     November 23, 2010

We just got our first look at the forthcoming stop-motion animated episode of NBC’s fantastic comedy series Community, but what’s stop-motion animation without seeing our characters in action? I love the comedic universe that creator Dan Harmon has crafted which allows for some pretty nonsensical plotlines, but with some of the most witty, hilarious and stellar writing behind any comedy series on air right now. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this Christmas episode which throws back to the classic stop-motion Christmas specials from Rankin/Bass (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town) seems to hit all the right sweet spots. After the jump you’ll find a very short but sweet first look at this special episode of Community (which airs December 9th), along with some words from Dan Harmon about crafting the episode itself.

Check out the clip of the sure-to-be classic Christmas episode below courtesy of EW.

We’ve already found out the official synopsis of the episode but Harmon adds, “It’s Abed’s search for the meaning of Christmas. Everything that happens on this episode is part of the actual show and will change the characters, and yet there are wonderful, fantastic holiday things happening in it.” He also comments on the difficulty of being cynical, comedy-writing adults and getting into the Christmas spirt. Harmon says, “Once you’re past the age where you’re running on sugar and adrenaline about tomorrow morning, it’s hard to get through anything — even my favorite shows. But we rewatched all the Rankin/Bass specials. It’s interesting to notice all these things that got magnified, and other things that got washed away in the tides of time. You pull these images and sounds into your heart as a child, and they stay there.”