PSA Sunday: Donald Glover Implores You to Save COMMUNITY

     February 12, 2012


When NBC announced that they would be putting Community on “hiatus,” there was mass hysteria. People formed a flash mob at 30 Rock, a proactive Tumblr account and even the students of Greendale Community College asked for your help. While you can rest assured that Community isn’t technically canceled, there are some who can shoulder that burden better than others. Donald Glover, known in Community circles as Troy Barnes, is now reaching out to fans in a new PSA with hopes that we can still save Community. The effect its hiatus has had on our world is truly heartbreaking. You can get caught up on all of our previous PSAs here, but this one may be the most worthwhile. Hit the jump to hear what Glover has to say.

Check out the PSA below to see what you can do to help save Community (via Movie Viral):

And if your Community-saving efforts are for naught, you can at least buy Glover’s Childish Gambino album and throw the guy a bone. Man’s got to eat for pity’s sake!



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