COMMUNITY Recap: “Wedding Videography”

     May 26, 2015


Well folks, “Wedding Videography” is going to be very hit or miss for some of you. Now to be fair, this is Community and you do know what this show is about, but still, this one is out there. The episode begins with Jeff “teaching” his law class by pouring himself a drink and taking ice from his desk drawer. As Jeff begins to explain that he was going to teach the class something past writing the word, “Law” on the blackboard, he brings Community side character Garrett up in front of the students. Garrett begins discussing marriage law and segues into asking a girl in the back of the class, Stacy, whether or not she’d marry him. Before Stacy can answer, Jeff winces as he believes it’s a foregone conclusion that she’ll say no, only for him to be shocked when she in fact accepts. It’s ironic, as in my last write up, I was discussing the use of Garrett and how he was pretty much relegated to the background, which was perfectly acceptable. Having him as the focal point of an episode is a change of pace, but works well here as it allows the gang to interact in the environment of a wedding.


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The episode is filmed through the lens of Abed, allowing for some narration from each of the characters throughout the night. Much like this latest installment, it’s hit or miss, as sometime it feels like the writers forget about the idea entirely, and other times they delve into it a bit too much. There are some scenes that work well, such as Annie’s taping of her “missing girlfriend” scenario, but there are times when Abed is missing from the proceedings that don’t work as well. The gang, prior to leaving for Garrett’s wedding, do have some good fun as a unit, hanging out and enjoying one another’s company while playing “Celebrity Garrett Marriage” wherein each member of the gang either does an impersonation of Garrett or a celebrity. The impersonations on both sides are great for some chuckles. This pre-wedding scene also gives us some great insight into Frankie, who it seems is finally given more of a role, as she delves into her own past, explaining how she turned sleepovers into “religious stonings.” Surprisingly, the relationship that forms between Frankie and Annie this episode is fantastic, and I’m confused as to why they didn’t do more with this earlier, since we’re almost upon our season finale — which could potentially be the finale of the series itself (outside of maybe a movie).

The gang realizes that they’re late to the wedding in the midst of their hijinks and run out the door. Chang believes himself left “home alone” and begins freaking out, only for Jeff to grab him — and Abed — and pull them out the door.  The gang hilariously crashes the party, further showing their obnoxious, selfish sides as they interrupt Garrett’s vows to Stacy, shushing one another and eventually falling over some bushes in an attempt to quietly make it to their seats. While all this is happening, Todd, another side character who is acting as minister for the wedding, begins to ponder the meaning of life and wonders if he himself is actually God. It’s a ridiculous series of events, and is another example of the “hit or miss” nature of this episode, as it may last a bit too long for some viewers’ taste. As the gang feels elated over how well they are behaving, they are brought back down to earth by Garrett’s mother who informs them how horrible they are acting and to please take it down a notch so as not to spur on Garrett attempting suicide later! Yikes.

community-wedding-videographyWhat follows is the best part of the episode, as the gang begins mingling with the wedding attendees, and one another. In the funniest scene, Elroy reveals that back during his “tech days” he became addicted to encouraging white people. Keith David is a godsend to the show each week, and he once again proves it here as he moves through the wedding party, informing white guests that they are “good at wearing their pants” and “great at scooping meatballs onto their plates.” Garrett’s cooler older brother (who is really just Garrett’s actor wearing a wig) crashes the scene, and is unable to perform his speech as best man, allowing for Jeff to slink his way into the role. Jeff talks with the gang and asks them to give him all of their intel from the family members at the wedding so he can give the best speech possible, which of course leads to things going horribly wrong.

As Jeff begins giving his speech, the wedding party begins to figure out that both Garrett and Stacy seemingly share the same “Mee Maw.” That’s right, Garrett and Stacy are in fact cousins and were related to one another the entire time. Defeated, Garrett decides the two should get an annulment, causing Chang to get out of his seat and convince him otherwise. As Chang puts it, “it’s Garrett against the world, and he’s going to lose” so why not stay married for the heck of it if they love each other? Garrett and Stacy agree, and the gang happily begins slow dancing with each other all at the same time, making for an exceedingly bizarre ending to a bizarre episode.

“Wedding Videography” ends with Briggs Hatton appearing on the screen stating that he is the writer of the episode and was an advocate for cousins marrying, and incest in general. (Editor’s Note: Briggs Hatton did write the episode, but that was the actor Matt Gourley playing him). Briggs had talked with the rest of the writers in the Community writing room, and they had agreed to allow Briggs to make this episode under the stipulation that he reveals his identity and views at the end of the episode. It’s an extremely strange, but funny, ending to an already weird episode. As I stated at the beginning, this is either going to be one you liked or likely hated, but I thought it was decent enough. With only one more episode to go, let’s see how crazy of a finale we’re in for next week!

Greendale Notes

– I have to imagine that the man at the head of the writers’ table was supposed to be Dan Harmon, wild beard and all.

– Regardless of how often it happens, Britta screwing everything up never gets old as proof through Abed constantly telling her to stop looking directly into the camera.

– Abed: “The sooner you ignore me, the sooner I stop being a factor.”

– Garrett: “It’s official! I’m getting laid!”

– Jeff: “You’re going to the ‘Hitler Well’ a bit too often lately.”

– Garrett: “Everyone stay and eat cake, or go to hell!”


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