Donald Glover Opting to Go Part-Time for COMMUNITY Season 5; Will Only Appear in 5 Episodes

     July 8, 2013


Community just can’t catch a break.  Between ratings issues, public feuds, the firing of creator Dan Harmon, the abrupt departure of Chevy Chase, and the recent re-hiring of Harmon, the NBC comedy has been through the wringer.  Now, with the show’s mastermind back onboard as showrunner and a last minute reneweal from NBC for an upcoming fifth season, Community is being dealt another blow.  Vulture reports that star Donald Glover has struck a deal with NBC and Sony Pictures Television that will see him appearing in only five of the upcoming thirteen episodes so that he can focus on his music career as Childish Gambino.  Hit the jump for more.

News of Glover’s part-time status comes courtesy of Vulture, and while the deal appears to be amicable, the relationship between Glover’s Troy and Danny Pudi’s Abed is one of my favorite aspects of the series; it’s certainly a bummer to learn that the two won’t be inseparable anymore.  Whether Glover’s episodes will be spaced out or if he’ll depart early in the season is unknown, but we damn well better get one last appearance of Troy and Abed in the Morning.

Glover actually came to Community by way of leaving another sitcom.  He was a staff writer on 30 Rock during the show’s third season, but he left the staff in order to appear in the pilot for Community.  He’s an incredibly talented comedic actor and, while it’s clear the music is his priority at the moment, I sincerely hope he doesn’t give up his acting career entirely.  Community will return for its fifth season sometime after the New Year during midseason.