Watch the COMMUNITY: Season 6 Opening Clip; Preserving Sitcom Returns Tonight

     March 16, 2015


Yahoo! Screen has released the Community: Season 6 opening clip online. Like the show has been doing for years, it got meta with its own existence and how it refuses to succumb to new showrunners, losing cast members, and low ratings.

That doesn’t mean the show has become unfunny, but the show has become gratingly self-aware at times, and Dan Harmon’s sitcom seems to come off like a dying automobile. It’s still running, but how far do you really want to go in this ride?

The show will return for its fifth season tonight as it tries to fulfill its self-proclaimed prophecy of “Six Seasons and a Movie”, but does the show have any juice left? The show can still be genius, but how much of a budget will they have for Season 6, and will it even matter? And more importantly, how will people tune in? The clip closes with a shot of a smartphone turning into the Yahoo! exclamation point. Do people want to hover over their phone or their computer to watch Community? I can watch it through AppleTV and I’m still not even sure if I’ll tune in because while this clip is amusing, it’s a little sad to see a show that’s constantly noticing its own life support.

Check out the clip below via Variety. Community airs Tuesday nights on Yahoo! Screen.