Watch Conan O’Brien Break His TV Silence on Last Night’s 60 MINUTES

     May 3, 2010

In the latest chapter in the Conan O’Brien saga, the red-headed comedian appeared on TV for the first time since The Tonight Show ended, via last night’s 60 Minutes.  You probably know the gist of the story: the Great Primetime Leno Experiment of 2010 was a failure, which resulted in NBC seizing the 11:30 timeslot from O’Brien and handing it back to Leno.  Now O’Brien has his own show on TBS and is travelling the nation for the 30-city Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.

O’Brien was back on television last night, but I think he maintains the stated “no funny” clause of his contract.  He makes jokes, to be sure, but there’s too much hurt behind them for the interview to be a laugh riot (“I’m laughing ’cause crying would be sad”).  You can find the entire melancholy clip after the jump.