Conan O’Brien to Somewhat Break Silence on 60 MINUTES on May 2nd

     April 27, 2010


Slowly, the pale, red-headed onion that is the Conan O’Brien severance package is peeling away and next week the former Tonight Show host can finally give his side of the story.  On Sunday, May 2nd, O’Brien will sit down with 60 Minutes in an interview with Steve Kroft.  O’Brien’s deal with NBC had him prohibited from giving interviews until May 1st.   While some may hope for Conan to rag on his former network, his deal with NBC also prevents him from disparaging the network on television (he’s allowed to do it in his stage show and he has).  But it will be a good opportunity for him to give his side of the story, his feelings about Leno’s role, what his upcoming show on TBS (set to debut in November) will be like, and so forth (although I have no idea what questions Kroft will ask).  Despite the restrictions, I’m confident that Conan will provide a humorous and thoughtful interview. [The Live Feed]