Concept Art: TRON 2

     February 19, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

How do you update “Tron”? That’s going to be the major question for the sequel since the original has such a unique aesthetic but it’s also one that’s rather dated. Granted, the film takes place inside a computer, but there’s a futuristic element that cannot be ignored and since our concept of the future changes as time progresses, we have to come up with new concepts.

Enter artist Daniel Simon who will be working as the vehicle designer for “Tron 2”. His book Cosmic Motors is a collection of his concepts for futuristic vehicles. Of course, in thirty years we’ll all laugh at what he came up with as we happily ride around on Segways.

Check out some of the concept art below. Thanks to LatinoReview for the heads-up.

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