‘Constantine’ Will Resurrect on The CW Seed

     January 8, 2017


During The CW panel at the winter TCA press tour, the network announced that it will be giving a second life to Constantine on online platform The CW Seed, after the NBC series was cancelled in 2015. Since then, the character popped up on The CW on a Season 4 episode of Arrow, but since then hasn’t been heard from. Now, it seems like he will return — though in animated form. Matt Ryan, who starred in the live-action version, will also be back on board to voice the character. Fans, are you reading this? It’s all happening!

Well, mostly. The series, like its CW Seed brethren Vixen and The Ray, will be about 5 or 6 episodes that will run 10 minutes each. As far as whether or not Constantine will cross over into the live-action DC universe again, CW President Mark Pedowitz says there are no current plans, but that could always change.


Image via The CW

John Constantine’s inclusion into the Arrowverse was fun, but it also introduces magic in a way that can be problematic to that show in particular. But on something like Legends of Tomorrow it could make sense (much like how Vixen, though a different incarnation, is now on that series).

In any case, get excited for more Constantine, and let us know in the comments what you would like to see from the rebooted series (about which we don’t know any other details yet). You can also read about more CW news below, as well as check out the new Constantine poster below:

constantine-poster -cw-seed