Kevin Bacon and Director Jon Watts Talk COP CAR and Play “Save or Kill”

     August 6, 2015


Opening this weekend is the indie thriller Cop Car. Written by Jon Watts and  Christopher D. Ford and directed by Watts, the film follows two young boys who stumble across an abandoned cop car and decide to take it on a joy ride. However, when the county sheriff (Kevin Bacon) discovers them, brutal consequences ensue. One of the things I really enjoyed about Watts’ movie is the way the film plays against convention. Instead of having characters explain their actions and offer a reason for every decision, he lets the audience fill in the gaps and it’s a refreshing change. Cop Car also stars Shea WhighamCamryn ManheimJames Freedson-Jackson, and Hays Welford.

The other day I landed an extended video interview with Kevin Bacon and Jon Watts. They talked about how the project came together, the minimal amount of exposition, the first cut, and more. In addition, I tried to get them to play “Save or Kill” (which didn’t go as well as previous editions) and they talked about when they first knew they wanted to make movies, what might be on the Cop Car Blu-ray, how Watts found out he landed the Spider-Man directing job, what fans always want to talk to Bacon about, the actor’s role in Black Mass, and a lot more.


Kevin Bacon & Jon Watts:

  • 00:19 – How the project came together.
  • 01:01 – On the minimal amount of exposition in the movie.
  • 02:38 – How much did the film change from script to screen?
  • 03:29 – Watts on shooting the film in his hometown and how that helped.
  • 03:57 – Did Watts ever find a cop car as a kid?
  • 04:39 – The first cut of the film was actually shorter.
  • 05:19 – Bacon and Watts play “Save or Kill.”
  • 09:45 – They recall when they first realized that they wanted to make movies.
  • 11:29 – How have their processes changed over the years?
  • 12:26 – Is there one role that fans want to talk to Bacon about most?
  • 13:42 – Watts on when he found out he scored the Spider-Man reboot.
  • 14:30 – Bacon teases Black Mass.
  • 15:18 – What they’ve got planned for the Cop Car DVD/Blu-ray release.



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