Trailer for Fox’s COSMOS Revival Series Starring Neil deGrasse Tyson

     July 23, 2013


Science is amazing.  It’s a shame that a growing number of people in today’s society lack a basic understanding of how our world works, but hopefully that can change a bit next year when Fox revives the classic 1980 Carl Sagan PBS documentary series Cosmos.  The “sequel” series, dubbed Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey, is presented by famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and boasts Seth MacFarlane and Ann Druyan (Sagan’s widow) as executive producers.  This trailer is more of a teaser than anything, showing glimpses of some really exciting footage from the upcoming series, but I love how it presents Tyson as a kind of science superhero that’s come to save us all from idiocy.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The 13-part Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey will premiere sometime in 2014 on Fox.