Watch: Incredible Time-Lapse Video of Making a LEGO Robin Cosplay Outfit

     August 20, 2017


We usually see the end-result of cosplay. We go to conventions, see people in their awesome costumes, take a picture, and then move on. But how much time goes into these costumes? And what kind of effort is involved?

My friend Jason has been cosplaying for a while now, and he decided to take his LEGO Ghostbusters costume from last year and transform it into a LEGO Robin from The LEGO Batman Movie. If you think that’s just a matter of changing some colors and some decals, you’ll see from the video below that you’re quite mistaken. A lot of work goes into not only transforming the Ghostbusters costume, but especially in constructing the head for Robin, which is incredibly impressive.

If you’re thinking about doing cosplay, you should totally go for it, but let this video remind you that it takes a lot of time, patience, and artistic skill to really go the distance. And if you’re at Dragon Con next weekend, be sure to say “Hi” to the guy in the LEGO Robin outfit.

LEGO Robin Time Lapse Costume Build from Jason Clay on Vimeo.

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