100 Cosplay Pictures from New York Comic-Con

     October 14, 2014


Over this past weekend, I was able to attend New York Comic-Con.  While San Diego Comic-Con definitely gets all the press, I had a great time at NYCC, especially since the floors weren’t so jammed full with people that you couldn’t walk around, and I didn’t get trampled by thousands trying to get exclusives when the doors opened in the morning.  NYCC was a great mix of corporations trying to pimp their upcoming products and independent dealers trying to make a living.

Like every convention I get to attend, I used whatever free time I had to take pictures of all the people doing cosplay.  While I saw a number of great costumes, I think the cosplay championship belt resides in San Diego since more people cosplay at SDCC and a huge percentage of the costumes are jawdropping.  I only saw a few things at NYCC that made me stop in my tracks.  In San Diego, you can’t move around without seeing something unbelievable.  That said, there were still plenty of impressive costumes to be found at NYCC.  Hit the jump to check out 100 cosplay pictures from New York Comic-Con.

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