Cowboys and Iron Man

     June 16, 2008

Written by Cal Kemp

Quickly becoming one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr. is eyeing a role in 2010’s potential big giant blockbuster “Cowboys and Aliens”, says Hollywood Reporter.

The production is being handled through Imagine Entertainment and, though it’s based on a graphic novel, the drive to push it out as a film actually predates the comic being published. I remember talk of this movie way back around “Men in Black”. (My guess is that “Wild, Wild West” was the cause of it slinking off, embarrassed for a decade or so until people were willing to push it from their comedic sci-fi western minds.)

Though the film actually sounds like it has a lot of promise and a popcorn flick (and not, as Hollwywood Reporter suggest, a sly metaphor for American imperialism) It’s not the world’s greatest bit of sequential art and feels mostly like it was put out to lay claim to a high-concept story. Nevertheless, the story (which involves, as the title suggests, cowboys battling aliens who crash land in the old west) is solidly entertaining and Downey’s involvement would bring a lot to any project.

But where does that leave Iron Man 2?

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