Craig Brewer to Adapt TARZAN for a Potential Trilogy

     June 2, 2011


Filmmaker Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) will direct a new Tarzan film as part of a potential trilogy for Warner Bros.  At the beginning of the year, we told you that Warner Bros. was rebooting or remaking some of its high-profile properties and Tarzan was on that list.  And they have a solid director in Brewer although I’d much rather see him make Mother Trucker (which is about a man who escapes from prison, hijacks an 18-wheeler, and races across the South to see his dying mother) as his follow up to the upcoming remake of Footloose.

Warner Bros. also has screenwriter Adam Cozad (Archangel) working on a separate script for Tarzan, but it remains to be seen which film they’ll move into production.  Deadline reports that this is a passion project for Brewer, and I’ll be interested to see how he plans to interpret a character who has been adapted into countless formats since he was first introduced in Edgar Rice Burrough’s 1914 novel Tarzan of hte Apes.

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