Limited Paper: The Winner of Our CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Giveaway…Revealed!

     October 28, 2012


A few weeks back, we announced the biggest giveaway we’ve ever done here at Limited Paper. After clearing up a brief bit of confusion regarding the various ways that readers could enter said giveaway, we were off and running…and holy crap, did you guys respond: our Drew Struzan’s Creature From The Black Lagoon giveaway resulted in almost four times as many entries as we’ve ever received on a Limited Paper giveaway up until now. We were really excited to get the winner announced…and then the week from hell struck.

Read on to find out who won that Drew Struzan Creature From The Black Lagoon, where you can buy one if you were part of the other 99.7% who entered, what took us so damn long, and what you can look forward to this week in Limited Paper. It’s all after the jump, folks.

OK, so, yes, I know: you’ve been waiting for this one, and—believe it or not—I’ve been waiting to write it up. After the past few weeks, October is poised to be remembered as “The Worst Goddamn Month We Experienced in All of 2012” (and, yes, October will retain that title even if the Mayan-predicted Apocalypse really does go down in December; at this point, we’d welcome a full-blown reboot of humanity)! Far as I can tell, “Remake Fever” spread all the way from Hollywood to God, who decided he’d produce his very own retelling of the “Story of Job” starring…me: nearly constant internet connectivity issues, unexpected bills, tedious personal crap—virtually everything except an alien invasion got in the way of me getting this writeup to you in a timely manner this week, so…my apologies.

But that’s all over now. We can now reveal who won our biggest-ever giveaway, a Drew Struzan Creature From The Black Lagoon produced all the way back in 2001 (we’re guessing the winner wasn’t able to shell out for one of those $5k originals that went on sale at the Mondo Gallery last week, so this oughtta be a nice consolation prize). Before we get to that massively anticlimactic moment, though—and it will be anticlimactic to all but one of you—let’s talk a little bit about how this contest played out.


Things got off to a somewhat rocky start, admittedly: in an effort to keep things interesting and provide several different options for those that wished to enter, I got a little ahead of myself in drawing up the rules for entering. This was immediately pointed out by several polite (and several not-so-polite) readers, and their feedback helped us reboot the rules within a few hours of the contest going live. From that point on, the rules for entering were simple: all anyone had to do was send us an email, but if they felt like flexing their creative muscles they were also free to design a Limited Paper logo, sketch their own version of the Creature, or send in photos proving that they already had a Universal Monsters tattoo (we were not, as some people seemed to think, telling people to get tattoos for a chance to win a poster).

First off, let’s take a look at some of the Creature sketches sent in by Limited Paper readers (as always, we’re going to stick to first names and last initials, but if you wanna take credit for your art and link to this article on Facebook or Twitter or whatever, go right on ahead). Let’s start with my favorite, which belonged to Matt K. :


Here’s another trio, drawn by (from left to right) Blain H., Alex W., and E. Francis K.:


And here’s the next three, from Mara M., Steve F., and Kyle K.:


Hmmm. I could be wrong, but I think Kyle K. may have misunderstood the instructions. Still, though, it was an entry that inspired much laughter here at Limited Paper HQ, so, what the hell: we’re including it. Next up, Tim C., Cameron L., and Ian G.:


Now…some of you might be saying to yourselves, “Hey, now—one of these looks somewhat familiar”, and you’d be right: one of these was previously featured (as a print available for purchase) in an earlier edition of Limited Paper, and was submitted here by the artist himself. We’ll let you figure out which one it is, just because we know how much you love a good mystery. And, finally, we’ve got this trio of Creature designs from Max W., Keith K., and David H.:


Alright, kids, that’s about enough of that. As you can see, more than a few of our responses calling for sketches resulted in…well, not-sketches: in these cases, Keith K. turned in a photo of would-be Republican Presidential candidate Mitt “To Stare Into My Eyes Is to Stare Into The Void Itself” Romney, while David H. turned in a photo that….well, it just makes ya shake your head in wonder that Lohan was ever hittable, doesn’t it? Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the Limited Paper logos we received, some of which are incredibly cool. Let’s start off with our favorite, which—as it turns out—was the first one that got turned in, from Limited Paper reader Hector L.:


I’m not a particular big fan of the Saw movies (well, not Saws 2 through 14—or whatever they got up to—at any rate) but we did like the creepiness. Future reference for anyone entering a Limited Paper contest that involves submitting a design of your own: we will always be more partial to creepiness than anything else, even artistic talent…which isn’t to say that Hector’s isn’t well-produced! Anyway, let’s move along to the next three logos, designed by Adam K. (whose entry reminds me of Rick Santorum for some odd reason), Edward B., and Josh B.:


Next up, we had logos submitted by a true UK celebrity, Adam R.W. (better known by his stage name, “Fisty”), a dude who apparently jacked the background for his logo from Google Images, Mike F. (what, you thought we wouldn’t know?!), and—last but not least—Ryan R. (who I have nothing smart-ass to say about):



Phew. This is getting exhausting. Let’s say we just skip to the winner, eh? Because many of you were wondering (and by “wondering” I mean “seemingly having complete mental breakdowns via email while trying to figure out how this relatively simple process was going to work”), I figured you’d like to know the incredibly scientific process by which we selected the winner.

Here’s what happened: a buddy of mine was over on Monday, and when he arrived I opened up my laptop, logged into the contest’s email account, and—without explaining what was going on—I told him to randomly pick one of the emails in that folder. All of the entries were sitting in one folder, all of them had the exact same subject line, and this buddy gives not a single shit about my poster-related shenanigans. There was some brief hemming and hawing (Q: “You just want me to…pick one?” A: “Yes.” Q: “At random?” A: “No, I want you to evaluate each of the people who sent these emails based on the good that they have done during their lives—giving to charities, building orphanages, and so on—and then I want you to pick one that you’d be willing to live with, permanently. You’re getting married.” Q: “Huh?!” A: “Just f-cking pick one, dude”), but after a few seconds our heroic volunteer stabbed his finger at the screen and landed on a name.


As it turned out, this person was A) a girl (one of only twenty who entered; I went back and counted later outta curiosity), and B) one of the people who didn’t “go the extra mile” with her submission: just a name, an address, an age, and the correct subject line. As promised, that’s all it took for JoAnn M. to win our contest (if you’re wondering, yes, she was also the only JoAnn who entered our contest). She’ll be notified while this article’s being assembled by the Collider Publication Team). Congrats to her!

Now, I knew this part was going to be anticlimactic—with that many entries and only one prize to go around, how could it not be?—so I’ve gone ahead and made an executive decision here, totally last minute: I’m also going to be sending something to both Hector L. (who designed the creepy logo above) and Matt K. (who designed that Creature sketch we singled out). I’ll need to figure out something for you guys—to be perfectly honest, I don’t know what it’ll be yet, but it’ll be something cool, and you’ll be notified via email by the time this runs about all this—but I can’t imagine anyone’ll freak out if I hook up these two for turning in some truly impressive work, right? And y’know what? I bet their entries would look good together:


Yup. Oh, and one more thing: if you’ve been following along with this contest from the beginning, you’ll recall that we kicked this whole thing off by walking you through a brief history of how this particular Struzan piece came to be, and in that article we linked to the eBay pages where Tony Calvert—whose Hollywood on Paper commissioned the Struzan piece in the first place—was selling his remaining copies. After reading what we wrote in that article, Tony dropped Limited Paper a line and wanted us to let everyone know that he still has several of the Struzan Creature posters remaining (some of which are autographed by the film’s leads in addition to Struzan), and that he can be reached by anyone wishing to purchase one of those prints via (let’s hope there’s not some poor sap named Drew Screature out there who’s hoping to get signed up for Gmail). Tony’s a real sweetheart, and willing to answer whatever questions potential buyers may have, so don’t hesitate to drop him a line! Once these are gone, they’re gone…so if you didn’t already blow through your monthly poster allowance at the Mondo Universal Monsters show last week, I’d strongly suggest dropping him a line.


Thanks so much to all who entered, and many apologies to the hundreds of you that didn’t manage to score something during this giveaway. As you know, we do these things pretty regularly here at Limited Paper, so if you didn’t win on this one (or any of the other ones we’ve done), all I can say is: keep plugging away. Ooh, wait! There is one other thing I can say: my associates and I were so impressed with the entries we got from those who designed Limited Paper logos, I’ve decided that we’re going to make that the goal for the next giveaway (whatever it may be). On that one, I’ll be bringing on a panel of “experts” to help pick, and I’ll be publishing their thoughts on the results: why they picked the logo they did, why they’d agree to take the time to get involved in such a frivolous activity, etc. So, if ya wanna get started on your entry for the next giveaway, there’s a pretty big head-start for ya.

And that does it for now, folks! This week in Limited Paper, we’re going to be catching up with a few releases we missed last week, looking ahead to one of the coolest-looking gallery shows we’ve seen in some time, and—if the stars align—we may have a pretty kick-ass interview for you. Congrats once again to our winners (if you haven’t checked your email lately, get in there and see what’s what, folks), and good luck to everyone on the next one: I have a feeling the competition’s gonna be stiff!

As always, if you’re an artist or gallery with artwork you’d like to see featured on Limited Paper (or if you’re just some lucky bastard who happened to overhear a bit of poster-related gossip while standing in the bushes outside Martin Ansin’s house) we wanna hear from you! Email Limited Paper directly at, and be sure that you’re following us on Twitter via @LimitedPaper for ongoing commentary, news updates, giveaways, and more!

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